monday musings: new year, new offering!

Good thing I love my job… because a big part of me wants to hibernate through most of Dec - Feb! And, even though I never dread going into the studio (b/c i love my job!), I’ve not been this excited to start back to full schedule in a new year in awhile. I’m launching this new offering in the studio, and I can’t wait!

First, part of the new program is that I’ve created a 6 month subscription package of lessons that will lead to more consistency with training and scheduling (and billing!) for both me and my clients. I’ve got my friend Jess Baldwin to thank for showing me her system! If you’re a singer in Columbus, OH, check her out for vocal training! As a small business owner, this new system provides a kind of job security that I haven’t known before. So, I can focus on cool new projects, like…..

The next big new thing! Included in these subscription packages, are weekly vocal workouts for my clients. As I’ve mused before, we now know that voice training is akin to any other physical fitness training for the body, like dance and sports. So, I’m setting up 3 vocal workouts a week over 18 weeks this semester to be the personal trainer guiding clients in technique practices and workouts.

I’m so excited to see these singers’ results in six months. If you’d like to get in on one of the packages, let me know ASAP. I’ve just got a few time slots left earlier in the day.

Singers who have had some training with me before may benefit from just the Vocal workout package for $99/month. Let me know if you’d like to get in on this new program this week or next. Deadline for registering for a package is January 14th. Any time slots remaining may be booked as individual sessions after that date.

2019 Subscription Packages:

Private sessions (18) is $285/mo
Group sessions for 2 (18) is $175/mo for each person
(weekly sessions are based on $75 rate)

Every other week:
Private sessions (9 weeks) is $179/mo
Group sessions for 2 (9) is $119/mo for each person
(sessions are based on $80 rate)

In addition to the 50 minute weekly or every other week sessions, the subscription package includes 54 vocal work outs (through the 6 months - in person or via FaceBook live).

You can also book a lesson a la carte as needed at $80 (50 minutes).

It’s a big launch week! Excited for 2019!

Happy other New Year y’all! (See new year post from Sept)