monday musings: december


For us here on the US southern east coast, it’s often cold and dark. Seasonal holidays and festivities ascend. Christmas carols are heard everywhere. Houses and trees are strewn with lights and decorations. The song says, “It’s the most wonderful time of year!”

And yet, it’s not the most wonderful time of year for some.


I grew up in a musical family, spent most Christmases in Shelby, NC where my family gathered at my mother’s parents house. We attended Christmas Eve services where my grandfather was the music minister; my grandmother prepared a feast and we rushed home to put it all together on the table. After dinner, we gathered in their living room to sing endless carols - all 3 versions of Away in a Manger! - and hear granddaddy read “Twas the night before Christmas”. We did some variation of this until I was 33. That’s when my grandmother died at age 96. We celebrated with Christmas gifts from Santa on Christmas morning, even though I’m the youngest (none of us grandchildren had kids). It was magical. It was sweet to see family from across the country that once a year. And, I miss it. I miss them. I miss the traditions.

Now, I’m a little melancholy this time of year. And there are many who are lonely, grieving, working through or living with dark painful memories from the holidays. I think the darkness makes that harder. So… I love the lights! They brighten up the darkness; they bring much needed light and cheer! I hope everyone finds some joy as the season changes this week. More light is coming!

This is my song “December”. Have a listen

xoxo, julie