Monday musings: promises broken, resolutions failed...

… and start again

It’s ok. January is hard.

Where did this nonsense of resolving making begin when it is frigid and dark and sniffles abound? It’s silly! Let’s wait for spring for this kind of big decision-making.

Despite my general dislike for January, it was quite eventful. I performed quite a bit, I taught/trained a lot of singers, I listened to some great music and artists, I stretched as often as I could.

My biggest nag of failure was that I got set back on my monday musing posts. Each week I moved back the subjects I meant to write as I was trying to settle into a new schedule, and then the never-ending cold/cough from the dark winter of evil January hit. If you’re in it, rest, hydrate, repeat, and if it last longer than 10 days, probably get the antibiotic! Despite the set back, whatever that is for you, let’s start again!

Songwriters, clients, exceptional women… friends.

Songwriters, clients, exceptional women… friends.

Here are some of my January highlights:

  • Songwriter Showcase at Heist Brewery, hosted by local talent Nate Randall; an evening of original music with my songstress clan - current and former clients, all friends!

  • An almost fully booked semester of teaching/training singers by the month’s end.

  • Playing music with my beau!

  • Playing music with my Sweetgrass Serenade Trio!

  • Co-hosting Joe Newberry for a local house concert!

  • And, 22 days of yoga - Jan 1 - Jan 31. Thank you Okra and fabulous teachers.

My new resolutions in February:

  • Make a plan

  • it’s okay if all doesn’t go according to plan

  • Write a song

  • Keep singing

  • Keep connecting and engaging with humans

  • Keep working, building a studio that is making waves in training singers

  • Keep learning, the voice is such a fascinating exploration journey

  • Write about all of it when I can

See you next monday, or the next. We’ll see…

xoxo julie