Stay Well - Tis the Season!

Funny how I was planning on writing a blog this weekend about staying well during the fall, and I get walloped by the flu. The FLU! In September! I just started seeing the signs about getting the shot. I’ve never had a flu shot, and I’ve never had the flu. What’s happening!

I guess I’m not magically immune anymore. As illnesses often ramp up in September and October, don’t know how I escaped this long. Hence the point of my writing to you today, in case you can prevent an illness!

Why is it that an uptick of illnesses begin in September? As the season changes, it brings:

  • weather changes, stirring up different allergens

  • all the kiddos back to school, which could also be called incubators (!) and

  • suddenly not as many people are resting and sleeping as much so immune systems take a hit.

I’m sure there are other factors as well. The simplest preventions are to:

  • Stay home if you’re sick (people really will appreciate it)

  • Wash your hands (big season for moisturizer!)

  • Cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze (hence the handwashing if tissues aren’t nearby)

  • Don’t touch your nose, mouth and eyes (I mess with my face all the time!!)

And, if it’s the flu prevention, then consider getting the vaccine too!

At first glance, these preventions look easy to do, except I touch my face all the time, and don’t think to wash my hands before I do! I think staying hydrated should be there too. Again, a seemingly easy thing to do, except I have clients tell me frequently that they have a hard time doing that. Indeed if the top two recommendations (after Tamiflu) for flu positive patients are to rest and drink plenty of fluids, I think REST and WATER are likely to be the top two ways to prevent sickness too.

Of course, I usually drink a lot of water and have been getting much better rest and sleep lately. Not sure how much of healing from the flu depends on the strain you get or how you treat it. I was fever free after my 3rd dose of Tamiflu and stayed on the couch for 2 days. Netflix and my kidneys are happy anyway!

Staying hydrated is important for staying well, and keeping our voices in good shape, regardless of illness. So, good luck with the hydration and hand washing! I’ll have hand sanitizer and tissue at the studio. If you’re sick, stay home! (Remember to give me plenty of notice please :)