I believe everyone can sing! I believe you can learn to make sounds you love. My training in voice science has shown me that everyone’s voice can get stronger and more flexible with the right exercises and that strength and agility makes differences in the sound. My fastest growing population of singers are 40-70 years of age, beginners to professionals. From the traumatized (told they couldn’t sing when they were kids - nonsense!) to the amateur (“I always wondered if i could”), teaching adults who are timid but passionate about the learning process is one of my favorite things. Almost every new client says that they want to have more confidence when they sing. Read here why singing can be so scary…amazing how so many of us can’t imagine doing anything else!

The professionals are working on maintenance, stamina, or unwinding long-held muscle habits that are getting in their way now. It is incredibly rewarding to help someone find their voice, whether it is a new skill, or a lost one!


There’s also healing. Finding they can make a sound they like after all those years of being told it was bad, or they couldn’t, is so healing. And joyful! Healing for the professionals too! A gigging professional musician is the greatest voice user; it’s hard on the body. I work with a local voice team at the Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Associates in continuing re-habilitating injured voices. Most of the folks come to me working on balancing out muscle tension and weaknesses. It is scary when one’s voice no longer is there for them in the way they’ve been used to their whole lives. Belief in the healing process, and learning new skills can bring it back. Grateful to have had the opportunities to work with clients on this very special journey. Healing comes through physiologically and psychologically as so many of us see our voices as a reflection of ourselves.

personal - performance - progress

Sessions are customized for each student. Students are educated on anatomy, how the voice works, body/sound awareness. Technical training is based on muscle function and strengthening, the goal being to make any style of music accessible to be sung free of tension and with emotional expression. Sessions include vocal exercises and work on songs for performance (if that is a goal). JDVS offers four performance opportunities each year with themed concert and song sharing showcases. We don’t call them recitals. We’re pretty informal, and like to have fun performing!

A frequent question I get is “how fast can I expect to progress?”. That depends on many factors, most importantly the frequency and intention of practice you set up. Weekly students will likely notice more significant progress because of the accountability and consistency of training with me. Read a little bit more about this here. I have found that clients that take notes during a lesson and during their own practice time tend to progress at a faster rate. So, bring a notebook to your session if writing is a good way for you to learn. I also recommend recording your session. Most clients use their phones to record the session with exercises to sing along with through the week. Last but not least, bring a willingness to be silly and make funny sounds! Most of the exercises we use are not meant to sound good, but to strengthen muscles. Wouldn’t it be funny if you could hear what your abs were saying when you did a sit up?

In addition to my passion for voice science and getting people to make the sounds they always wanted to, or making the sounds that they used to make again, I also specialize in contemporary music singing. Much of the voice training at the collegiate level and choral experience is stylistically classical. So, not all of the muscles in the throat are being utilized. Most of my singers want to sing contemporary music - pop/rock, folk/country, R’nB, Jazz/Blues. Guiding classical singers into contemporary training to sing their favorite pop songs is a thrill!

Come sing with me and find the voice that you love!

when are sessions?

Session schedule (50 minutes):

Monday 4, 5, 6 and 7pm and
Tuesday - Thursday 11, 12, 1 and 4, 5, 6 and 7.
Please indicate your availability in the Session Request Form.


where is the studio?

1817 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205 in the Midwood International and Cultural Center (room C202). Park in the back  - lot is off of Central and Hamorton Pl.

fees & policies


JDVS 2019 Subscription Packages (Aug 12 - Dec 20) 15 weeks of sessions (paid over 5 months)

Private sessions (15) is $225/mo or $261/mo w/ Vocal Workouts*
(weekly sessions are based on $75 rate)

Every other week:
Private sessions (7 weeks) is $112/mo or $148/mo w/ Vocal Workouts*
Group sessions for 2 (7 weeks) is $56/mo for each person or $92/mo w/ VW
(sessions are based on $80 rate)

*VOCAL WORK OUT PACKAGE only- (on-line) $55/month

Individual lessons will be available for booking after August 3rd, 2019 at $80 (50-minutes)

Extra Offers & Costs

Harmony Class - $25

2019: Harmony Classes TO BE SCHEDULED

Quarterly Concerts - $5-$25  

2019 - Fall dates TBD

Quarterly Performance Class - $25*   

2019 - Fall dates TBD

studio policies:

While Julie would love to be able to accommodate make-up sessions, the demands for sessions is such that she rarely has extra time in the week and even more rarely can fill the vacated time-slot. When a session is canceled within 24 hours payment is still expected.

If she has to miss a session for any reason, the session will be made up as soon as possible at a time convenient for her and the student.

Generally, the studio will close for 6 weeks (1 or 2 in spring, 3 or 4 in summer TBA, 1 for Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks). Clients are informed of any schedule changes. 

classes & workshops:

Julie offers a variety of reoccurring classes and intensive workshops for many ages and interests. They can vary in price and time. Please refer to the calendar here or on the classes and workshop page for more details.

Julie has been such a blessing to our family! Our daughter, age 10, has multiple health issues, including lung and speech problems. Singing has been the outlet she needed to give her a “voice”, not only while performing, but also in her everyday activities. Julie has been kind and understanding, while encouraging her to stretch and grow. Thank you Julie!
— Judy