Who can study?

Anyone. There are no limitations: middle and high school students who are active in school musicals and community theater; adults of all ages who are discovering their love of singing; and professional singers who may need some technical direction to assist in endurance. Julie Dean teaches techniques and styles of popular music, including Jazz, Rock, R&B, Country, and Contemporary Music Theater.

What are lessons like?

Lessons are customized for each student. Students are educated on anatomy, how the voice works, body/sound awareness. Technical training is based on vocal function and includes balancing the voice, the goal being to make any style of music accessible to be sung free of tension and with emotional expression. Lessons include vocal exercises and work on songs for performance (if that is a goal).

What kind of progress should I expect?

In a perfect world, each singer would schedule an hour to 90 minutes a day, every day for 2 years to see some big major results. Alas, that's not possible. Most students will come for a weekly lesson and making progress depends on the amount and kind of practice time each student puts in through the week, how aware each person becomes of the sensation of sound, and the level of commitment to understanding how the voice works, and about the songs/music they sing (including but not limited to style history, artist’s influences, music theory, song analysis, song interpretation).

when are lessons?

Julie Dean Voice Studio is open for lessons Monday - Thursday 11 am - 9 pm, and some Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings. During the summer months there is sometimes a more limited schedule. Please indicate your availability in the Lesson Request Form.

where is the studio?

1817 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28205 in the Midwood International and Cultural Center (room C202).


What should I bring?

A notebook of sorts and a recording device. Most iPhones, Androids, and tablets have a recording app. A digital recorder, mp3, or old fashioned tape recorder works great too. The recording can be the most helpful tool in practicing outside of the studio work we do.

Will there be performance opportunities?

YES! Julie Dean Voice Studio hosts three Singing Extravaganza events (fall, winter and spring). These are showcases for each student to sing something they have been studying; their are community songs for the audience too. There are also opportunities to perform for one another in classes and workshops through the year.

fees & policies


Non-packaged lessons are priced at $80/hr. Julie also offers packaged lesson plans at a discount. 

Fall Aug 29- Dec 2

12 weeks - $899 or $300/mo (Set time)

9 weeks - $684 or $229/mo (Variable time)

Small Group Class (12) - $420 or $140/mo - Tues @5, Wed @ 6 (kids ages 10-15)

Small Group Class (9) - $315 - Sat @ 11am (kids ages 10-15)

Adults interested in small group classes, please indicate your interest and availability on the Lesson Request Form. 

Extra Offers & Costs

Harmony Class - about every other Wednesday 7:00-8:30p - $25 (see calendar)

Quarterly Concerts - $5-$25 - varied - Oct 7 & Dec 2

Quarterly Performance Class - $25* - Nov 11
*No cost for 12-wk students

studio policies:

While Julie would love to be able to accommodate make-up lessons, the demands for lessons is such that she rarely has extra time in the week and even more rarely can fill the vacated time-slot. When a lesson is canceled within 24 hours payment is still expected.

If she has to miss a lesson for any reason, the lesson will be made up as soon as possible at a time convenient for her and the student.

The studio will close for 6 weeks (1 in spring, 3 in summer TBA, 1 for Christmas week and half-weeks at Thanksgiving and New Year).

classes & workshops:

Julie offers a variety of reoccurring classes and intensive workshops for many ages and interests. They can vary in price and time. Please refer to the calendar here or on the classes and workshop page for more details.

Julie has been such a blessing to our family! Our daughter, age 10, has multiple health issues, including lung and speech problems. Singing has been the outlet she needed to give her a “voice”, not only while performing, but also in her everyday activities. Julie has been kind and understanding, while encouraging her to stretch and grow. Thank you Julie!
— Judy